How it works

For Home Health Agencies

  1. Use our web site to create your account.:
    Sign up and create an account.
    Login your account and setup your account. Please set all details in the profile page.

  2. Get activated by administration:
    After registration we will receive your request to join us.
    Our administration will check your request and accept it.
    You can also contact us if you find there is an information you have to keep updated.

  3. You can load your patients:
    After activation you can login your account and upload your patients
    Please be informed that there are required fields you have to fill and also upload patient intake, form-485 etc.
    When you add a patient you can select services added for patient. Also you can create service requests for each existing patient.
    After loading your patients and service requests administration is going to find and assign you patient the therapist required.

  4. Check patient care on line
    You can login and check each patient's progress and status.

For Therapists

  1. Join as a therapist
    You can Join as a therapist by submitting an application form on our web site.
    You need to provide your current information including service providing, your current license information, speaking languages, coverage areas and etc.

  2. Get accepted and login
    We are going to check you application and approve it.
    After approving your application you will get an email message with a link to set your password.
    Please set you password and login your new account. Go to your profile page and setup it first.

    You must set up all your credentials to be able to take patients. Administration will check and accept your credentials

  3. Getting new patients
    You can find a new patients yourself or administration can assign you patients. You will also receive notifications.
    Please check patient details and schedule visits.
    For each visit you need to complete medical notes.

  4. Evaluate patient
    First visit should be patient evaluation. Later you can continue with patient or send to another therapist
    During evaluation therapist sets service frequency and administration is going to accept it for future visits.

Please contact us if you have new ideas or suggestions.